Thursday , 18 January 2018

Turnip Prevents From Diabetes And Lung Cancer : New Research

Turnip Prevents From Sugar And Lung Cancer : New Research

Vegetables and fruits are the great gift of the Nature.We use vegetables and fruits in our daily life,but everybody don’t know about the fair usage of the vegetables and fruits.How much Vitamins and proteins are found in the vegetables and fruits,and ordinary individual don’t know about this.We use these things in our routine life,therefore we must know about the usage and consumption of the vegetables and fruits.Today we will discuss about a well-known vegetable,which is called Turnip.How useful and beneficial Turnip is,Lets view the experts suggestions.

Turnip is full of nutrients portions and very rich in nutrients and its use in daily meal play an important role in reducing the risk of cancer and also protects from various diseases.

According to the medical experts,using of Turnip reduces obesity and high blood pressure, diabetes,controls diseases of the stomach and reduces the risk of lung cancer.

The component Lutean found in Turnip helpful for eye diseases and also prevents heart disease. Turnip also abundant vitamin C,which protects from every kind of cancer,skin and eye diseases.

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