Sunday , 18 February 2018

Tuberculosis Moved From Humans In Animals:Research

Tuberculosis Moved From Humans In Animals:Research

An international team of scientists has determined that Tuberculosis (TB) about 70,000 thousand years ago was found in humans living in East Africa and then moved to the animals.
Before this new research it was considered that in African continent 10,000 years ago TB was transferred from animals to humans.
Still, more than one million people in the world annually are died by TB disease. According to the World Health Organization fourteen million people in the world in 2011, died of TB disease.
According to the research about 10,000 years ago in Africa,TB were transferred into humans when humans adopted agriculture.
International team of scientists gathered about 259 samples of regional and genetically material and compared TB evolution with human evolution.
A team of international scientists and a member of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute Professor has said that we have determined from the early patterns of the TB that these patterns are about 70,000 years old.
The team of scientists has presented a strong assumption according to which TB is transmitted to animals from the humans.
Now scientists are trying to find out that how long TB have been to able to survive in a little group of humans.
TB disease has such a quality which is not found in other diseases and that is the quality which is the answer of the question of the scientists.
TB virus lies in the human body can live a long time and it can be carried forward until the symptoms begin to come.
Researchers has said that perhaps TB’s hidden quality is the secret of its survival.
During human evolution when humans besides hunting began to use agriculture for their survival and human population began to grow and become more dynamic, then TB virus engulfed to a large part of population of humans.
TB researchers report writer scientist Dr. has said that on the next phase of research on TB,we will try to find out that how TB virus become active and how to inactive it.

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