Sunday , 18 February 2018

Ten percent Of Deaths Occurs Due To Lungs Diseases

Ten percent Of Deaths Occurs Due To Lungs Diseases

A report said that ten percent of deaths in Europe, occurs due to lungs diseases and its major cause is smoking.

Meanwhile, a British company that lung disease has killed one person in every four .

The company says that despite this, research in this regard is not given any priority.

According to the reports of The World Health Organisation there are found four major fatal diseases in the Europe, lower respiratory infections ( such as pneumonia ),COPD, lung cancer and tuberculosis (TB ) the cause of death is one in every ten .

However, according to the report ,in theĀ  28 countries in the European Union every eight person is killed by these diseases.
Only Belgium, Hungary , Denmark and Ireland from Britain a country where more people are killed by lung disease .

In Finland and Sweden the rate of deaths due to these diseases is the lowest .

The report also noted that data on respiratory illnesses half of the total social and economic cost due to smoking .

It has been said that smoking , pose the greatest threat to health in Europe , ” smoke and lung cancer , COPD and heart diseases of veins , which is the biggest reason that could be avoided in.

From 2000 Health Organisation Of UK NHS is giving free advice and counseling to give up smoking.

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