Thursday , 22 February 2018

Tehzeeb Arabic Girl Looking For European Love Partner

Tehzeeb Arabic Girl

Tehzeeb Arabic Girl Looking For European Love Partner

I have a sensitive nature and sensible personality. I am a genuine woman, feminine, warm-hearted, gracious,and so sentimental! I enjoy having fun, good spontaneous moments, bright emotions. My character is calm and laid back. I can be quiet, thoughtful and cheerful as well. At the same time I am strong-minded and know what man I want.I am only interested in finding that special man who is serious about marriage and family, who is right for me as I am for him. He is a secure and honest man with strong character, but tender heart. He is decent, responsible and trustworthy, practical and action-oriented. He is even-tempered, courteous and well-mannered. I would love and highly appreciate a man who will protect me and cherish, treat as a lady and respect as a partner. And I hope that if we like each other.

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