Thursday , 22 February 2018

Tasneem Pakistani Dating Girl Here For Friendship

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I work as a bookkeeper I really love my job. I love making people happy and glad. I like traveling. I travel to historic and scenic places and I explore the culture, customs and food of the different nation. Also I like reading and watching documentaries on the educational channels about different places and people. I enjoy exploring caves, water rafting. I visit amusement parks, local fairs and festivals. I really like going to plays, ballet, opera, and museums. Sometimes I am happy to turn into a perfect coach potato so I usually watch an old classic movie.  I am a green at heart. I am the woman who has lots of love. The trifles of life are important in a marriage or serious relationship.I am an outgoing person; I am never embarrassed to say I love you and I am always ready to say sorry when I am wrong. I do not like arguing as I find it as wasted emotion. I would rather talk about something that we disagree and deal with the issue right away. Then we can move forward. Do you like reading it? I hope to hear from you real soon.

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