Wednesday , 21 February 2018

Sangin Nepali Girl Looking For Best And Ideal Love Life Partner

Sangin Nepali Dating Girl

Sangin Nepali Girl Looking For Best And Ideal Love Life Partner

I am honest, kind, open, well-educated person. I am not sure, but my friends say, that I have good sense of humor. I like joking and making my friends smile. It is easy for me to get acquainted, because I am very sociable. I like to be around people, but sometimes I need to be alone. I am very stubborn and I try to finish all things, which I began to do as quickly as possible. If I understand, that I am wrong, I always say about my mistakes. I am a positive person in everything and when I have some problems, I always try to find positive moments in them. I like to help people, I am a very punctual girl, who hates to be late, to wait and to catch up. I am sensitive enough, but I am a big girl, and big girls don’t cry. I am interested in a few things. I like reading and I prefer classic literature. When I close my eyes, I can’t image my ideal man. Ideal people don’t exist. For me, it is a set of such qualities in a man like kindness, sincerity, sense of humor, and appearance is not the main thing. I pay attention to man’s hands. Do you know why. There are such hands looking at which I think that I would like that these hands embraced me. My partner must be serious, independent and he should be able to tie up the laces of his shoes himself, but if he needs to tie up a tie, I will do it with pleasure.I am usually attracted to people, who are optimistic and make me laugh. It is very important to stay like a child in some things, for example in love. We must share our goals, values and be able to laugh at each other in our ideal relations. The most important thing is true love, where we understand and take care of each other, and we have a great time together. I need someone, who is afraid to loose me.

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