Saturday , 20 January 2018

Samyama Indian Girl Looking For Friendship Real Life Partner

Samyama Indian Dating Girl

Samyama Indian Girl Looking For Friendship Real Life Partner

I am a very soft and balanced personality. I love cleanness and beauty around me. I strive for harmonious relations that would be based on mutual love, respect, trust and common interests. I get so much pleasure and satisfaction when I give love. I am very tender-hearted, faithful and talented in love. I can also add that I am an extremely cheerful and positive person always making and expecting a happy life. The most important things are understanding, care, respect, honesty, and humor. My husband should be caring, kind, have similar interests, be ready to support me as well as I will support him. I want to realize all our dreams together, and to experience with him the brightest and most beautiful moments of life.I want to create a beautiful and happy family. I am waiting for your messages. I believe that everybody of you want to be happy. But I am not sure that everybody can make the first step. I respect confident people who can prove that they are worth falling in love with them. I need a man who will be able to protect me, who will be very loving with me. I want him to have real family values, because I have. I think sense of humor is great too. But in fact I need a simple man who always can be close to me.Somebody who will understand me.And I will give him all my world.

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