Thursday , 18 January 2018

Maysun Arabic Girl Looking Faithful Future Marriage Partner

Maysun Arabic Dating Girl

Maysun Arabic Girl Looking Faithful Future Marriage Partner

I love the rays of the spring sun, fresh winds from the Black Sea, the brightness and the alluring attraction stars in the sky, the mysterious glow of the moon, soothing crackling campfire and people, who are close to my heart. Different colors and shades are combined within me. I am not an ordinary woman. You should try to feel me. I appreciate friends. I love the parents. I do not forgive betrayal. I believe in myself. I love traveling. Sometimes I like to sleep until lunch.I can speculate on the hand, sometimes I predict the future.I am looking for a man with serious intentions. I do not like empty promises and unnecessary conversations. I am interested in a honest man who can become a part of my life. I am a serious person and I am looking for a serious relationships and the man who will be ready for them. I don`t want to play around, I am not a little kid. I want my one and only man to be an honest, kind, generous person who will be ready to open his heart to me and who will make me part of his life. I want to love and to be loved, I want to share my good and bad times with this person.So if you are reading it, my love, write me.

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