Friday , 19 January 2018

Marvel’s Pakistani Superhero First Glimpse Launched

American Marvel Comics,who in the month of November first time make a part to Pakistani born Muslim girl to the series of “All New Marvel Now”.Now he has a launched a first glimpse of this Muslim superhero girl.

New miss Marvel’s character revolves around 16 years old Kamala Khan,who lives in New Jersey,she belongs to the Pakistani family.

The first glimpse o this comic, leading British magazine wired has released in both print and digital media formats.

Before that Marvel comic stating about its character said, new Miss Marvel perhaps first superhero,who belongs to the religion Islam.

In the Marvel’s character,before there was not any Islamic character.Although DC Comic, about few years ago introduced Arab American Muslim Simon Baaz in the character of Green Lantern.

In the first glimpse Kamala is shown fighting a giant mechanical paws,and their converting quality is also presented,in which they are capable to change their body small or big.

Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso said in November that Kamala’s character is not much different from Peter Parker,She is a 16 years old girl who is trying to find her identity, suddenly she gets power and now she is learning skills to use her power.

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