Saturday , 24 February 2018

Main Reason Of Hrithik Roshan And Sussanne Seperation

Hrithik Roshan And Sussanne Seperation Reason

Main Reason Of Hrithik Roshan And Sussanne Seperation

What is the main reason of Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne seperation ?. Recently Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan have separated from his childhood friend and wife Sussane.

In a statement issued by the Hrithik Roshan,it was said that Sussanne has decided to separate.”Sussanne decided to separate from me,our 17 years relationship has ended”. He further said in the statement that this is very painful time for me and for our both families and I urge the media and the public to respect our privacy at this time.

Hrithik Roshan thanked to his fans and said I am very grateful to those who are concerned about his health.” My treatment is going on and soon I shall recover completely.

Who were behind the separation of Hrithikh Roshan And Sussanne ? Were they Barbara Mori and Rampal ?.Now the main thing has come out that their families were also not close each other,while the couple already separated 4 months ago.According to the sources,four months ago Sussanne after getting angry with husband Hrithik Roshan,she was going to her father home,but suddenly she went abroad.After coming back,she did not go to her father home neither her husband,but she with her children shifted to another place.

Hrithik Roshan has worked in many super hit films as ” Dhoom” ,Koi Mill Gaya” etc.His film “Krrish” has been made in several sequels and its also rocked the box office.

Hrithik Roshan has a perfect body and a very attractive face and when Hrithik stepped in the film world,it was said that he will left behind Bollywood Three Khans means Aamir Khan,Salman Khan And Shahrukh Khan,but it did not happened.


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