Sunday , 21 January 2018

Jivika Indian Girl Looking For Kind Future Husband

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Jivika Indian Girl Looking For Kind Future Husband

I have my own opinions, outlook, don’t bring manipulation and provocation. Kind, cheerful, in general, but depending on the situation things can be different, but I’m real, that is, without the images and masks, free, and do not sit on a chain in the society.I believe there is no perfect human being, but I expect us to be perfect with each other. I dream of finding a kind, tender, reliable, cheerful man leading a healthy way of life. I would prefer that my future husband had a good sense of humor and knew what he wants from this life. A person who understands that relations between man and woman is a deep and delicate thing, a person who knows what it means to be strong and not to give up, a person who can love and understand a person who will appreciate my tendency to be sexual and attraction for him.

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