Saturday , 20 January 2018

Ashnaa Indian Girl Looking For Friendship Future Life Kind Life Partner

Ashnaa Indian Dating Girl

Ashnaa Indian Girl Looking For Friendship Future Life Kind Life Partner

I am calm, steady, sociable. I easily make contact with new people, I love life, my friends and animals. I go in for sports, enjoy good books and traveling. I have a lot of sun inside, that’s why there is so bright around me. I am a dreamer, and maybe that is why good people surround me, and luck always follows me. But despite that, I am steady in my decisions, purposeful and a leader by nature.I want to meet a man who is reliable, with big and kind heart. I need to feel safety near him and to know I can rely on him at any time, to be the best friends with him. He should understand me and in return I promise to give him all my love inside my heart. He should love children and be financially stable. He knows what he wants from life and tries to gain the goals he has, of course I would help him in that, because I think that a good wife always has to support her husband. He also should be family oriented, just like me He loves life and is happy with it.I want to meet my lovely soul mate, best friend and passionate lover. I believe that understanding and respect are the keys for long-lasting relations. I dream to take care of my sweetheart and feel his mutual love in response. I want to devote myself to my man and make his dreams come true. I have no doubts that meeting is the best way to know each other better. If you are ready to enjoy life with me let us take our chance for happiness.

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