Thursday , 18 January 2018

Antibiotics Golden Era Is About Come To End Once Again

Antibiotics Golden Era Is About Come To End Once Again

Bacterial resistance to antibiotics has increased the threat and now once again it has become center of attention.

British’s largest medical reseach department “The Welcome Trust’s new chairman Pro.Jeremy Ferrer says that is in fact a global issue.He said, if necessary measures are not taken, then the golden era of antibiotics can come to an end.

The UK’s Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally said last year that the increasing resistance against the antiobiotics is like a time bomb.He said,this treat is equal to the terrorism.

Most of us are born in the era of antibiotics,then it is easy to understand the bacteria that cause these diseases are a permanent solution to the problem.

Pro.Ferrer said, we can use antibiotics in a better way,countries should invest more in research regarding this.

In the World Health Assembly,this issue will be disscussed in the next May.

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