Saturday , 24 February 2018

16 HP Velocity NT-500 Desktop PC for Game Lovers

16 HP Velocity NT-500 Desktop PC for Game Lovers

The game lovers always have been searching for a high class PCs for playing high graphics and biggest games and HP has created the same type of Desktop PC for game lover which is Velocity NT-500 model. The HP Velocity NT-500 is in the tower and desktop shape and design with fourth generation technology. It has powerful core i7 processor with GTX 1024 graphics card. It is simple in design and also the shape is attractive in black and silver style. There are 4 USB ports and also a little port where you can also attach another graphics card if you want. There are many other USB ports and also Ethernet ports are 3 in this PC and Audio Video Cable slot. Power supply of 750 watt with air cooling fan. Casing design with easy buttons to open it and lock system also available.

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